Organically You Events

Carnival Baby Shower

Vintage Carnival Baby Shower

Location: Ft. Collins, CO
Favorite Detail:
The champagne bar with colorful rock candy stir sticks to DIY your own flavor
Planning this baby shower was so much fun!! Using a standard carnival color palette of red, white, yellow, and blue we created a laid back and festive atmosphere for these ladies to have a great time.  We loved the elephant topped cake and the vintage candy bar, that took us all back to our favorite childhood sweets. The food was festive as well, to include all your carnival favorites like corn dogs and hamburgers and of course a popcorn bar.  Another really special detail was the custom baby book we had made, that the ladies could write in and also the mom would be able to journal throughout her baby’s first year.


Design/Planning: Organically You Events

Florals: Bella Lu Floral

Photo: Brooke Trexler

Specialty Rentals: Yonder House